3 Best Honeymoon Destinations For Newly Weds

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As a newlywed couple, the next stop is the perfect honeymoon experience and it is something that all couples crave at some point. It is supposed to be the period of relaxation and euphoria after the hassle of planning, putting together and surviving a wedding. A honeymoon experience is something that people will tend to remember throughout their life so you might as well make it worthwhile and go the extra mile to make sure it is absolutely perfect and heavenly. There are hundreds of honeymoon spots to choose from in the world and we cannot afford to go to each and every place we would love to visit. It all depends on your interests and your budget as well. Here are some of the most beautiful honeymoon spots in the world! 

Victoria – Whatever you want, whether it is a luxury romantic accommodation or a simple suite Victoria has it all. Due to the beautiful tropical climate and its aquatic experiences it has become a very popular destination for honeymooners. You are able to drive to Melbourne, you can indulge in water sports as much as you’d like to, and you can even go hiking off in gippsland. The most perfect time to visit Victoria would be during June and all the way to September so you have the chance to experience the beautiful tropical weather and head out over to the islands to experience the aqua life and enjoy their unique water sports.

Bora Bora – This is also easily one of the best and most popular spots in the entire world. It is situated in a crystal – blue lagoon and there are private honeymoon bungalows situated in the water away from the public eye and they also have wonderful accommodation packages as well. Anytime you want you have the ability to get in to the water and have a romantic snorkeling session in the ocean and not to mention the beautiful view of the ocean and the sunrise and sunset from the rooms are worth it as well.

Lake Louise – This one is for the individuals who would prefer to back away in to a much colder destination than go all tropical. There are many luxurious resorts like Fairmont chateau situated at the foot of the lake and they all provide a lot of facilities for customers and is mainly visited by honeymooners each year. There are a lot of winter activities you can take part in such as cross – country skiing and ice skating. For winter lovers this is the perfect spot.