The Tourism Industry And The Environmental Effects

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There is a healthy relationship between nature and human beings. Many nature lovers and protectors are fighting since years for the sake of the environment. Some people move around the world and enjoy the beautiful places, natural and scenic beauties. It can provide plenty of joy and pleasure for such people to visit the gardens, parks and other beautiful places on the earth. But unfortunately, some people are spoiling these beauties by throwing the garbage and by demolishing the beauties of nature.

Many natural resources are available on the earth’s surface, and water is one of the most valuable and precious resources. People like to visit the places like beaches and other water sources and enjoy their time. Some people are throwing the non-disposable wastes into these waters and are destroying the purity of these waters. It can be the responsibility of the local governing bodies to take care of such places by implementing the strict rules and regulations against such fellows.

Tourism is one of a sufficient revenue earning sources for the nations. In many countries like Australia, America, and Europe and other continents there are many famous touristic places, and the tourism companies are providing all the necessary facilities for the tourists like holiday apartments, hotels, resorts and other transportation facilities, etc. Various types of staying facilities are available in most of the places as per the requirements of the people. But in some beach areas and other eco-tourism spots, people like to lay their camps and spend their night enjoying the beauty of nature.

Particularly in the forest areas, night camps are more popular in the adventure tours and most of the youth love such type of stays. Tribes remain in the forest zones, and the governments are providing the facilities to improvise their living style by including the areas under the tourism development regions. Some people do not follow the rules and regulations that can help in saving the nature and protecting the environment. The air, water, and soil pollution are increasing day by day, and it can affect the human life and the entire environment. It can be the responsibility of every individual to protect the nature.

Many people like to play in the waters, and that can be the reason to choose the beach areas as their holiday spots. Various types of staying facilities are available in these areas depending on the place. Some people prefer to have only luxury accommodation and some others even enjoy in the ordinary cottages. Every year the tourism department is also sharing the world’s economy, and there are many attractive places in the world where people like to visit at least once in their lifetime. It can be the responsibility of the citizens to protect the nature by reducing the garbage and should avoid throwing the non-disposable wastes into water and other places.