What Are Retaining Wall

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Retaining wall there one of those an important structures that are really needed in the industry of civil engineering construction products Retaining wall contractors Melbourne are becoming very common these days because the actually hold back and make sure that the soil is stabilised that’s why to create level surfaces and to avoid any kind of soil erosion Retaining walls our uses there are lot of materials and techniques that are used in Retaining walls and depends on for what kind of purpose you are used retaining what’s your lot of purposes that people use Retaining walls for and it totally depends on you why you are using retaining walls.


Purpose of retaining walls:

One of the major and the most important purpose of Retaining walls Marion is to hold back soil so that it doesn’t collapse or get away because of the pressure and the water pressure they are built on hillsides that it can be easily avoid landscaping and prevent erosion that’s why to support these kind of structure any kind of land Retaining walls are becoming a very common paying for people and they love to use that that’s why Retaining walls are one of the most important and one of the best was if you want to avoid soil erosion.


Types of retaining walls:

There are 2 types of Retaining walls and they are classified on the purpose of their design and what kind of construction methods they are able to bear that’s why these type of Retaining walls are then classified at 2 types of retaining wall.

The first type of Retaining walls is gravity Retaining walls and in this way walls they actually relieve the pressure and the weights according to the gravity that’s why these type of walls or Retaining walls are actually made of concrete and stone and they are suitable if you want to build wall that are very lower and high.


The second type of Retaining walls are those Retaining walls there are actually made with reinforced concrete slab so that it can extend to the soil that’s why these type of retaining wall there getting a lot of high these days because people prefer them more that’s why having Retaining walls the good idea if you are main task is for soil erosion.


Construction process of retaining walls:

The construction process of retaining wall is really important the first step that you have to do whenever you are going for the construction of retaining wall you have to make sure that the site is properly there is slope stability no drainage is happening so after that you can start constructing retaining walls. Another reason that constraining was are really important in this construction process important is because retaining worlds actually need proper designer engineering according to the site so that’s why whenever you are going for Retaining walls you have to make sure that the dimensions and the requirements of the Retaining walls are getting fulfilled.